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Design Glass has a wide range of Mosaic supplies, including mosaic tools, mosaic patterns, mosaic books and more. We also specialise in Mosaic classes, so if you want tuition in mosaics, our fun courses may be just what you're looking for:

"Introduction to Mosaics" is one of our fun courses. Included in the price of your four week course is the Hire of all mosaic Tools and Equipment, your Beginner Packs, Adhesives & Grouts. Design Glass teaches their students mosaicing in glass, glass tiles and ceramic. Your first beginner pack is a glass mosaic with a choice of three designs to choose from. This piece will teach you a variety of glass cutting technics including shape cutting and with the different glass cutting tools you will create different effects and finishes. Your second project is with ceramics and itís your turn to design. To help you with this process your teacher will discuss the options and give suggestions if required. The cutting of ceramics is very different to glass and uses different mosaic tools all of which are at your disposal.

You are then given a project in Glass Tiles - this project will teach you the techniques in cutting glass tiles & the use of template making used for design work in glass tile mosaicing. In your course you will experience the direct and indirect methods of mosaicing and there applications. You will be shown the many different finishing techniques you can apply to your mosaic pieces which include 2pack resin, gloss and matt finishes, paints and glitter finishes and the method of multi coloured grout finishes. Also covered is the all important mixing of oxides to create the perfect coloured grout. As with all our classes at Design Glass the coffee, tea,biscuits, Gummy Bears and good times are free flowing.

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