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How Lead is Coded or Named
You are probably wondering which lead to purchase? 5.2R, 10F, U6.6SQ! All these unusual names!
Lead channels comes in 3 profiles and are named after the shape of the letter - "U","H" & "Y". You can see the profile by looking at the end of the channel.

"U" profiles - comes in a Rounded Profile and a Square Profile. This lead is used as a border lead for hangers and mirrors when you require a neat finish to your project and it is not being installed into a frame.
"H" profiles - come in a Flat Profile which is used as border lead when installing your project in framework. The Round "H" Profile is used for all internal construction. Because the "H" profile is most commonly used lead the letter "H" is not used in the code.
"Y" Profile - is also used for border lead to your project when installing into aluminium frames. So it's an external lead channel.
The number is arrived by the measurement across the top of the lead channel when looking down.
5.2R = 5.2 millimetres + it's a rounded lead. As there is no letter at the beginning of the code we know it is a "H" profile.
U6.6SQ = 6.6 millimetres + it's a "U" section & it's Square.
Y13 = 13millimetres + it's a "Y" section.
10F = 10 millimeters + Flat section as there is no letter at the beginning of the code we know it is a "H" profile.

Handy Hint -The wider the Profile the more coverage you have. But remember the wider you go the less flexibility you have.

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